For additional information about Cochlear Implants, please visit the following companies and organizations:



    • Frequently Asked Questions: These answers to frequently asked questions are designed to help you make the right decision and get the most out of your CI journey. Click here.
    • Your Journey to Better Hearing: Understanding cochlear implants. Downloadable PDF – click here.
    • Your Child’s Journey to Better Hearing: A parent’s guide to cochlear implants. Downloadable PDF – click here.
    • AB Support: Learn more about the support and rehabilitation programs designed to get you hearing your best and remain powerfully connected to the world. Click here.
    • Patient Blog. Click here.
    • myCochlear: a personalized one-stop-shop with resources to ensure you get the most out of life with your cochlear implant. Learn about your equipment, view details of your registered equipment and warranty, manage your personal details, troubleshoot, access practice tools and gain insights from others! Click here.
    • Cochlear “What’s in your Kit” modules to learn about the components included in your device and how to best use them. Click here.
    • Cochlear Store: Buy maintenance parts, accessories, upgrades, batteries and more. Click here.
    • Cochlear Communication Corner: Resources to improve listening, encourage conversations, and instill confidence so that you can achieve your best. Click here.
    • Cochlear Connections: Explore the opportunities to connect with a mentor, share and learn from others like you at events. Becoming a Cochlear recipient means you have a community that celebrates and supports each other every step of the way. Click here.
    • Upgrade: For upgrade questions please email
    • Cochlear Hear and Now: A community to read, share and interact with Cochlear news and stories. Click here.
  • MED-EL
    • Support & Rehabilitation: These support pages give you in-depth information on how to make the most out of your audio processor. You can also find fun rehabilitation resources that can help improve your listening skills. Click here.
    • MED-EL HearPeers Community: MED-EL has a community of hearing implant recipients, caregivers, and professionals across all 50 states who cannot wait to support you. Click here.