Are you newly implanted?  Did you get a new mapping, upgraded processor, or perhaps just want to improve your listening skills with your cochlear implant?

The key to making the most of your new implant is a sincere dedication to hearing “practice” and rehabilitation.

The links below will direct you to a library of resources to rehab on your own or with friends and family members. Most of the links are for adults, but some have links for children as well.  Practice as much as you can, and your results will show the improvement.


Wear your processor for as long as you can, from morning to night if you are able. If you also use a hearing aid in a non-implanted ear, remove the aid so you can focus on rehabbing sound with the new implant.  Allowing your brain to get used to the new sounds through the implant pays the biggest dividends.

Read aloud from the newspaper – you can read to yourself or have someone read to you.

Listen to books-on-tape!  Better yet, listen while you follow along in the actual book.  Your librarian can help to make sure you have the unabridged version which will match the taped book.

Advanced Bionics Resources  — Here you will find a host of free, fun activities and resources to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills in people of all ages with a hearing loss.  — A music-focused rehabilitation program. — Connect to an Advanced Bionics Recipient Mentor

Additional Websites and Resources — Phonak’s Hearing Loss site  — A blog containing information on cochlear implant rehabilitation for children and adults  — Audio concentration games  — Clips of many sounds to identify and practice with — Video books with synchronized text

Http:// — Exercise for learning English- excellent for getting started — Topics, conversations and practice — Voice of America, English practice  List of helpful links — Neurotone Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) – (this one is not free) — Free demo for Neurotone LACE program

http://www/ — Talk Radio for Practice Listening — Listen to short topics of everyday interest — American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has links to many useful sites for practice

Music Practice — An interactive free site with many modules and levels

Online Groups and Blogs

** This list of resources was compiled by Carol Halla, bilateral AB recipient and BEA mentor and SC BEA Chapter Leader; Krista Heavner, Cochlear Implant Consumer Specialist, Southeast Region; and from AB recipients all over the globe on social media