“I have done very well with my cochlear implant, and I thank Dr. Greene and Dr. Hanna for all they have done for me.”

Do you know what it is like to go from hearing to deafness over night?

I do because it happened to me.

I had had some hearing loss in one ear for several years, but my hearing in the other ear was just fine. That changed dramatically, however, on a fateful day in November 2018.  I went to bed that night capable of hearing… and woke up the next morning totally deaf in my good ear.

To say it was very scary and strange is an understatement, and to make matters worse, this happened on a Saturday, so I could not schedule a doctor’s appointment right away.

That Monday, I decided to go to the emergency room, where I was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation and care. The next day as luck would have it… a caring, positive physician came into my room. That is how I met Dr. Scott Greene.

Dr. Greene assured me that I would hear again even if I had to get a cochlear implant.

As it happened, I knew nothing about cochlear implants, but what mattered at that moment was the feeling of knowing that I was going to be okay.

Dr. Greene was so positive every time I went in to see him. The first series of appointments were spent diagnosing my case and trying a host of remedies to cure my deafness.  I was scared and would cry every appointment.  Dr. Greene was so sympathetic and reassuring, and the comfort provided was invaluable.

Ultimately, we decided I would need the cochlear implant.  Dr. Greene and Dr. Hanna worked together to school me on everything involved and they patiently answered my many questions. I was excited and nervous at the same time.  

As it happens, as all of this was happening, my daughter was getting ready to graduate from college out of state, and I really wanted to be able to go and “hear” the experience. It was really important to me.  I had the implant surgery in March 2019.  Graduation was in May.  My dream came true.

I have done very well with my CI and thank Dr. Greene and Dr. Hanna for all they have done for me.  Truth be told, I wish I did not have to have a cochlear implant, but I do love my doctors and hearing again!

Better still… I really wanted to get to know others that have cochlear implants so myself and another patient have started a CI support group.  It has been wonderful learning from each other and getting to know other CI patients